BumbleKast #71 & BumbleKast Gaming #40

Due to travel and other scheduling conflicts, last week’s BKG update piggybacks on today’s BumbleKast update.

Ian an Kyle review the highlights of this year’s Heroes Con and E3.

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ScruffyMatt if you could put any of the comics characters into Team Sonic Racing, who would you like to play as?

James What are your plans for IDW Sonic going forward well beyond Year One and how is Sticks the Badger involved?
LucarioOcarina What are your favorite movie genres? What do you love most about them?
Sonicfizz77 If you were to adapt Team Sonic Racing into the comics, what would it be like?

BumbleKast #68 – Author Intent vs. Public Perception

Ian & Kyle get cerebral as they discuss which has more merit when considering media: the author’s intentions, or how the work is perceived by the public that consumes it?

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Priority Q&A
ScruffyMatt – Sonic and his friends go to see “Avengers: Infinity War.” Who do they cosplay as?
Eric F. – What can you get your comic hardbound? Would you sign it?
Chris A. – How are fans liking IDW Sonic?

Standard Q&A
Neal H. – Will loose adaptations of past games appear in IDW Sonic?
Brodie M. – If the Archie Sonic comics continued, would you have liked to do a story where Sonic gets turned into a baby?
GoodfellaZombie – Is there a chance “Sonic: Megadrive” will be completed by IDW?